About Us

Company Profile

THANTHIYA TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD was found in 1990 by a team of experienced sanitary and environmental engineers. Through the years THANTHIYA TECHNOLOGY has become a recognized expert in water and waste water treatment equipment supplier and installation. The range of products and services we provide include project concept and planning, all facets of design, build and supply, installation and training. Our company has been very effective in utilizing difficult project requirement and scopes. Our experience and track record speaks only for itself. We have expanded our scope of service both in the type of projects we handle and the products we offer to our customers. We recognize the need of being the best in specific disciplines of environmental engineering and this is our basic company policy. We strive to stay current with the latest product development and methods available for efficient engineering operation.

Our Objective

Our company objective is to answer and fulfill every need of clients whether simple or complex with maximum skill and integrity, efficiency and economy.

Company Expertise

Our company expertise is designed, build and install water and wastewater treatment system. Our range of capabilities cover portable and process water, water softener, reverse osmosis and de-ionizer for hotel, food and beverage, metal finishing, pulp and paper, textiles and dyes, pharmaceutics and cosmetics, cooling tower treatment and boiler feed water, ultrapure water for power generation and semiconductor manufacturing. Special applications for recycling of waste water systems and disinfections systems. All project is designed specifically to client needs and requirements.

Company Product Range

Thanthiya technology’s business activities include the design, manufacture, installation, and commissioning of systems or turn-key projects, and services in:

  • The manufacture and supply of a whole range of water treatment products, which include

– Portable Water Treatment

– Sand Filter & Multimedia Filter

– Activated Carbon Filter

– Water Softener

– Reverse Osmosis

– Demineralizing

– EDI System

– Ultrafiltration System

  • The production of industrial feed water by clarification and filtration from surface water and other water resources.
  • The desalination of brackish and Seawater by Reverse Osmosis and filtration to providing drinking water.
  • The production of pure water and high purity water by Ultrafiltration, Reverse Osmosis, EDI , and Ultraviolet Disinfection for Power Plant, electro-plating, electronics, food&beverage and other industries.
  • The waste water recycles by Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis system to provide industrial process water.