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Toray Membrane จัดจำหน่ายทั้ง UF Membrane / RO Membrane 


Toray Membrane offers integrated skills and expertise in water and wastewater treatment technologies, high quality membranes and complementary water treatment products to help our customers improve their competitiveness and plant performance. We are one of very few companies with expertise across the entire spectrum of high-performance water treatment membranes, including reverse osmosis (RO) membranes, nano-filtration (NF) membranes, ultra-filtration (UF) membranes, micro-filtration (MF) membranes and membrane bioreactors (MBR).


Range of products

TORAY RO Membrane
Brackish water model : TM720D, TMG20D
Sea water model : TM820M, TM820V, TSW, TM800K
Fouling Potential model : TML20D, TLF


TORAY UF Membrane

–Pressurize type : HFUG-2020AN, HFU-2020AN, HFU-1020AN, HFU-2020HN, HFU-1020N



–NHP210 Series : NHP210-300S, NHP210-600D

–TMR140 Series : TMR140-100S, TMR140-200D, TMR140-400DW

–TMR090 Series : TMR090-100S

Toray Membranes

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